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Noted Mets Nemesis/Troll Jesse Winker Joined Us On "We Gotta Believe" To Discuss His Rivalry With Mets Fans And I Haaaaaate How Much I Like Him Now πŸ‘‹


Jesse Winker joined today's We Gotta Believe two years after he became the most random Mets nemesis of all-time.

Followed by a digital war with the barbarians commonly known as Mets fans.

I wanted to hate Jesse because it's so easy to hate guys that murder my team. But he was a likable dude from the jump, right down to trolling KFC with his Zoom name right off the jump.

Jesse explains what his thinking was that fateful May night, why he turned his notifications off like a coward, what it's like to be known as a Mets killer to a bunch of savage strangers, and if Nick Castellanos is performing voodoo to become the Forrest Gump of baseball players.

We also discuss the wild series against the Reds that we hope to never speak of again, if we should be concerned that Edwin Diaz's spin rate has dropped as his ERA has risen, trade deadline thoughts, and the Marcus Stroman vs. Frank The Tank battle.