Men Who Get Mullet Haircuts Definitely Think They Look Like Patrick Swayze, But They Don't, And They Need To Know

Aaron Rapoport. Getty Images.

Look at that handsome man. Ready to throw you up into the air during the climax of your dance performance at the country club. A man with balance, strength, wisdom. 

Now. Think about yourself, mullet-wearer. Do you look like this? Or is your thin, stick-straight, volume-less hair shaved down to its nubs on the sides, full of uneven spikes on the top with kinked, flat curls mixing flawlessly with your dead ends? 

Giphy Images.

Unless you are Patrick Swayze, I will never think your mullet looks good. I think women all over the world should also take this stance, but I've come to learn that there are, in fact…women who like mullets:

LE GASP! Disgusting. Clearly these women have been locked in a tower somewhere and forced to tweet these lies. Attraction is a strange we talked about on TODAY'S EPISODE OF BECAUSE WE GOT HIGH HAHA GOTCHA! THIS A BLOG ABOUT THE PODCAST! Season 2, episode 1, we are back at A and talkin' Attraction. What makes someone attractive? What do we FIND attractive?

At 7pm tonight, the YouTube version will be out, and you won't want to miss it. I'll blog it again tomorrow, but we had several Barstool Sports Male Employees come into our studio while we decided whether or not they were wearing hot outfits. These poor souls.