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5 Years Of Erika Nardini

On the newest version of Token CEO, we are MAJORLY celebrating the last 5 years. 5 years ago Dave was interviewing dudes left & right for the position of CEO of Barstool Sports and ultimately decided that Erika was the best person for the job. Since then, we've only skyrocketed. Our revenue alone has gone up 1500% and we've added SO many new faces into the Barstool mix.

In the  episode, we go back to Erika's first days and she recaps everything she's learned over the last 5 years, what's changed, and how her & Dave have worked together. Plus she talks about how she actually got the job here and what a dumpster fire of organization Barstool was before we got our shit together. Bonus: we put together a video from the Barstool personalities here that made her cry. 

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