Billy Football Was Looking Up How to Make Crack Live On Air

As Macrodosing listeners know, our show often goes in a million directions even we couldn't possibly envision when we sit down to record. This week's show was on the topic of yellow journalism ... and it ended up being nearly three hours long with segments such as Billy Football looking up how to make crack cocaine while we were taping.

I couldn't even tell you how we got on the subject of wondering if you could look up how to make your own crack before Billy had taken it upon himself to actually find out. What a podcast.

We actually did also get into yellow journalism, from Benjamin Franklin straight-up fabricating shit to get printed in newspapers all the way through to today. But we also discussed about 30 other topics, which included crack, Zaxby's vs. Raising Cane's and our search for the inaugural Arian Foster "Fuck the System" Macrodosing Athlete at the University of Tennessee.

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