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Tampa Bay's Alex Killorn On Being Left Unprotected For Expansion Draft: "I Really Don't Want To Go To Seattle"

On today's Spittin' Chiclets, we have a double interview with back-to-back Cup winners Alex Killorn and Patty Maroon. It's really good shit so give it a listen. 

We asked Killer about being left unprotected for this week's Seattle expansion draft. While he certainly understood why, he wasn't shy about sharing his love for Tampa and his desire to remain on the Gulf.

The pair also open up about how superstitious the Lightning are and the partying that's gone on since they won their second title in a row.

Me, G, Biz, and Whit also talk about the many and varying transactions that went down over the last week: Minny's twin buyouts of Suter and Parise, Philly trading for high-end D-man Ellis, Dallas locking up Miro, Boston doing the same with Carlo, The Sonk-master getting bought out by Florida, and all of the other trades and deals that went down. We get into the protected lists and some of the big names that were left unprotected like Price and Landeskog. 

We also do a deep dive on Giannis's introspective quote that went viral, Collin Morikawa's The Open Win, my trip to Colombia, and whether or not you can save a parking space with a human being. Enjoy.