Pardon My Take Goes on a Field Trip to the Movies To See Space Jam: A New Legacy

Our Sunday night recording session routine was a little bit different last night. We made a pit stop to the movie theater to see Space Jam: A New Legacy as a group before recording the podcast. It all started off with the seven of us meeting in front of the theater 15 minutes before showtime, where the one and only Billy Football attempted to smuggle in everyone's Chipotle order:

He couldn't have picked a more obvious spot to pack the food in his cargo pants, but that's Billy for you. Luckily, it was a success (except my burrito bowl, which the restaurant forgot to include. Such a shame). Once the movie began, it was a grind to stay awake. Hank and Liam both shut their eyes for a bit, while I dozed off for a minute, too. But when it was all said and done, we made it through the movie, which I didn't think was *that* bad. People love to hate on LeBron no matter what the occasion is, but here is what Big Cat thought of it...

Oh, and by the way, Big Cat's still got it:

Meanwhile, PFT brought some Pink Whitney into the theater.

Imagine being a party pooper like JayCarter79?


The rest of our thoughts can be heard on today's show, but here is a sneak peek at Billy's burrito performance.

That wasn't the end of the shenanigans pulled off by William Pigskin. When the movie was over, he couldn't find his wallet. Chaos then followed:

Luckily, somebody returned it to the front desk of the theater. Shout out to good people! Overall, it was a great night with the crew. Can't wait to do it again for Space Jam 3 in 20 years.