Don't Click This If You're A Skell

RYDERS listen up. We've got Rico Bosco on the newest episode of Token and it's a great one. The way he got to Barstool is one of the best origin stories we have here and he talks about the types of work he did before he got here. Something interesting about Rico is that he absolutely refuses to give a fuck about what anyone thinks of him and isn't afraid to let you know. So if you're blocked on probably deserve it. 

Here's what we cover on the episode:

  • (00:01:33)  - How Rico Got To Barstool
  • (00:03:36) - His Staten Island Pitch
  • (00:06:56) - Do Dan and Dave Do Research Before Placing Bets?
  • (00:07:22) - Rico's Character on Pick 'Em
  • (00:08:41) - Rico's Pitch on Himself
  • (00:10:18) - Explaining Rico-isms
  • (00:12:29) - Are Dan and Dave Skells or Ryders?
  • (00:14:16) - Who's In and Who's Out with Rico?
  • (00:16:29) - Is Barstool Sports Becoming More of an Anomoly?
  • (00:17:46) - Why He Revealed His Identity
  • (00:19:46) - How the Barstool Sportsbook is Different From Competitors
  • (00:21:18) - What Makes Barstool Unique
  • (00:22:56) - Rico Asks Erika 3 Questions

Next week's Tuesday episode is a special one because Erika's 5 year anniversary of being at Barstool has officially arrived. We got the Barstool personalities to make her a video on their favorite memories with her over the last 5 years PLUS Erika's sharing a recap, thoughts, lessons, and everything about the last half a decade with this company. Get ready. Subscribe & get all Token items here: