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A California High School Had To Recall Their Yearbooks Because They Put "Most Likely To Get COVID Twice" and "Most Likely To Get Cancelled" In As Superlatives

Last week, Ventura High School parent Stephanie Tindall shared on Facebook that when her daughter received her yearbook, she was surprised to see she had been voted "most likely to be the best dancer" and "most likely to be a movie star" because it seemed "random."

When the student shared her confusion on Snapchat, another student told her those superlatives were stickers, and to pull off the stickers to see the real labels underneath.

Tindall wrote that her daughter, who had been bullied throughout the year, was "shocked and upset" to find that her name and photo actually appeared with the "most likely to be canceled" and "most likely to get Covid twice" superlatives.

Lmfao holy shit. What MORONS. First of all, the fact anyone even thought these two superlatives were 1. funny or 2. would go over well, baffles me. It made it so far into the publishing process that they were all PRINTED, and later on some dumbass who finally realized this was a mistake, said "just put a sticker over it, it'll be fine." Hey, newsflash, people can peel stickers off? Especially nosy high school kids who are about to uncover something extremely problematic? HAHAHA like, are you kidding me with this? And to cover it up with some corny ass shit like "most likely to be a movie star" ???? These people deserve jail time, not because the crime was so heinous, but because they are so incredibly stupid that they have become dangers to society, and need to be off of these streets. 

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