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Is It Too Late For A Victoria's Secret Rebrand?

If you missed it, last week Victoria's Secret announced that they're going to be replacing the Angels with spokeswomen like Megan Rapinoe and other 'changemakers.' 

Now, we know what you're thinking. We loved the Angels too. The question is: is this change something Victoria's Secret felt like they HAD to do or something they genuinely wanted to do. VS was founded on the idea that the items they make are for male's enjoyment, rather than the women. In recent years, so many other companies have embraced the change of creating women-focused and inclusive, comfortable brands, while VS has stuck with the stick-thin women and uncomfortable push-up bras. Which led us to the question of, are they making this huge rebrand because they are genuinely interested in changing their landscape & creating a more inclusive environment OR is it because their sales have tanked and people no longer want a male-focused lingerie product?

We broke it down on today's episode. Frankly, we think it's too late for such a huge change for a company founded on male-pleasure. Other than the VS topic, Erika touches on everything going on with Spotify and 1) why they seem to have unlimited money and 2) all the changes and new initiatives they're taking in the audio & podcasting space.

We close out the episode with an amazing interview with the founder of Knix - Joanna Griffiths. She's a badass. If you remember this article, Joanna was denying anyone to invest in her if they had any doubts about her running her company due to the fact that she was pregnant. And frankly, when you become a 9-figure company, you're able to turn down bullshit like that. Loaded episode today. 

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