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And. Here. We. Go.

Alright, Stoolies. We've heard you loud and clear and after over three years of incessant emails and comments asking us to please, for the love of all that's holy, join forces, we're finally giving you what you've asked for: Lil Sasquatch and I are launching a podcast together!


I know, I know you're overwhelmed with gratitude as our friendship has rivaled only the greats: Homer and Bart Simpson, Emilio Estevez and Chuck Sheen, Will and Jaden Smith, Tom Hanks and Chet Haze, Rone and Lil Sas. Naturally, it would make sense that we get on the mics and talk about all the caterpillars of pre-workout that we've been snorting before each swell session. We've definitely never publicly done the Amazon video, oh let's say, national internet or anything and that kind of accomplishment deserves a trophy! Or in our case, a podcast!

Honestly, Son of a Boy Dad is a way for me to trick Lil Sas into staying past 4 p.m. every day. And if we have to spend those late nights toiling until 6 p.m., it's totally going to be worth it when we're doing numbies suckling at the teet of Josh Richards re-posts on TikTok. In reality, I am just the producer of this pod, a leech aiming to bleed a younger, more talented, more idea-rich Lil Sasquatch dry and turn him into a thoroughbred earner for Mother Barstool. When he grows stronger, I will crack his spine open and harvest him for stem-cells until I'm as jacked as Jeff Bezos or Kumail Nanjiani.  (Seriously, if Joe Biden doesn't start slurping down the centrifuged white blood cells of infants, we're going to be set back as a country towards a position of irreparable disrepair. Sharpen up Joe.) Literally nothing is off limits! 

So this first week we're going to be unloading the clip and dropping three episodes. We want you to like us, but more importantly we want to trick the algorithm into thinking we're successful.

Episodes will come out every Wednesday subsequently, so strap in bitches!

P.S. Lil Sas is a raving egomaniac, so please rate and review this podcast favorably and tell your friends, otherwise Sas might accelerate his appointment with the swift hand of death that comes for us all.