Rickie Fowler Responded To My DM About The Two Of Us Having The Same Swing Coach #TillGang

So on the last podcast me and the fellas put our heads together and sent Rickie Fowler a DM. These days Rickie and I have the same swing coach (John Tillery) so I wanted to make it clear to Rick that we're all in this together. I wanted him to know that I'm rooting for his success and, hopefully, he's rooting for mine. The connective tissue in all of this is our swing coach John Tillery and we're both in his stable AKA the #TillGang.

This was the DM we came up with

And then by some miracle, Rickie Fowler saw the DM and responded 

This was his response 

#TillGang!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? Because I cannot. Not only did he respond in a super nice and cool way but he even threw in the #TillGang hashtag. I'm now fully a Rickie guy. We talk about about this interaction with Rickie along with what my response to his response was. What a world.



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