Hmm...ARod Is Hanging Out With His Ex Wife And Posting About It

It has been a whirlwind recently for Alex Rodriguez. You can’t go on the internet these days without seeing a new picture of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, or just people freaking out that they are actually together and piecing together clues.

At first, ARod seemed distraught, or at least that is what they wanted us to think. Sad photos of him eating alone in NYC for example. Now he is posting photos from a workout challenge he did with friends and family that include his ex wife.

Of course ARod and Cynthia Scurtis have children together so they have to interact. They definitely haven’t been posting each other on social media with compliments though! He referred to her as a “world class mommy” as well. I don’t think he is going to be shy about getting some stories out there about himself while Bennifer is moving at full throttle. 

For all the details listen to today’s Chicks in the Office: