Wade Phillips Reveals What Goes On Behind His Epic Twitter Account

On today's Pardon My Take... WADE PHILLIPS! The longtime football coach and Super Bowl Champion joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to discuss whether or not he is retired, being a part of the Music City Miracle, scouting Blake Bortles, and much more. Another interesting angle about Wade Phillips is his Twitter account. Mr. Cat is a big fan of it, especially when Phillips went to the White House after winning Super Bowl 50. What's the story behind his tweets? We got the answers on today's show:

Mr. Cat: So, speaking about that Super Bowl, the arrival of Wade Phillips' Twitter account, which I love, really came out when you visited the White House, and you gave us all a tour from your point of view. I especially loved just the single picture of the lawn and it just said, "lawn." That was the caption, just letting everyone know. And then like the Red Room just said, "Red Room." It was half of the Red Room. You tweet all your own tweets, right, I assume?

Wade Phillips: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Mr. Cat: No, it's great. And so, what made you get into it, and I love it. I think you're a great account to follow and you really show your personality and sense of humor, and I love when any athlete or coach does that. Have you enjoyed it? Because most people get on Twitter and eventually, they start hating it. 

Wade Phillips: Yeah, well, it's not me hating it, sometimes haters hate you. You know, and I learned a lot of things not to say. But I actually started when I got to be the head coach of the Cowboys you know. There was so much, and Twitter was coming out then. And I thought, well, this is a good way to get to the fans, you know, to speak to the fan. Yeah. press conferences and all that, but it's you know, it's just coach speak all that, really. 

Wade Phillips: So I thought, you know, I just put on there, "Hey, we caged the bears," or something like that. You know, the fans love that. They love that kind of stuff. And "we're excited about this game," or whatever, you know, which was true. So, I started doing it then and just kind of stuck with it. But like I said, I made a few mistakes by saying things I probably shouldn't have, especially about Green Bay. Their fans really get mad at you.

For reference, let's check in on some of those tweets that Mr. Cat and Wade Phillips brought up...

I mean, how can you not love this guy? Fans love as much access as possible, and when their teams are winning, that's when things can get really fun on social media. If you're reading this and have an opening on your NFL Coaching Staff, hire Wade Phillips!