Who Has The Best Belly On The PGA Tour?

You want hard hitting journalism? Well we got it in spades. Who has the best belly on the PGA Tour? Is it Dufner? Is it Kokrak? Is it Harry Higgs? Is it still John Daly? One of the great things about the game of golf is that you don't have to have the look of a traditional athlete to be successful. It's one of the few sports where this is possible (relief pitchers is another example). And sure, fitness has become an important part of being a golfer for some guys such as Bryson and Brooks but it's not completely necessary. Which is why it was great to see a Belly Guy in Jason Kokrak win again this past weekend. The more Belly Guys there are competing at the highest level, the happier I am. It's as simple as that.

Also on today's episode Riggs addresses #FartGate, I go into more depth about the <100 series, frankie talks about heading up to boston for the nhl playoffs and much more. enjoy!< p>

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