If You Are A Grown Man Still Wearing Boxers, You Need To Reevaluate Your Life

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I had no idea that boxers vs briefs was such a hot topic. As a grown woman, I think boxers are disgusting. To look at, in practice, all of it. Why bother wearing anything at all? There's no dick/ball support, they CERTAINLY aren't fashionable, and above all they are juvenile. Fight me about it. Girls agree with me, and that's all that matters honestly. You're wearing boxers during a hookup, sure it's not going to stop the sex, but in the cold light of day at 7am when a girl is hungover and wanting to get the fuck out of the place? They don't want to see your pale hairy thighs with your soft dick and balls hanging out in the wind. Make the switch to boxer briefs. They're much more flattering (especially if you've got a donk, girls appreciate some cake on their men) they make your bulge situation much more appealing, and I'd imagine they fit MUCH better under other clothes. I've never understood how boxers could be comfortable underneath pants - its like wearing double pants. Ridiculous.

Even more ridiculous? Wearing GYM SHORTS in place of underwear. There aren't any pick up games breaking out. This isn't middle school. Be an adult. 

We discuss this and more on this week's episode of Because We Got High, touching on the Universe, Underwear and Uber. Give it a listen, and place your boxer brief order on Amazon.