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You Have to Hear This Story About PFT's High School Football Coach to Believe It

I love this show so much. We set out to do an episode about bottled water and its various conspiracy theories and somehow ended up with PFT telling the most unbelievable story of a high school football coach I've ever heard in my life.

The story starts at the 34:40 mark of the podcast and you absolutely have to listen to PFT tell it. But if I had to give the elevator pitch, it involves an assistant coach pulling his dick out in front of the entire team as a sick prank. I think it's the hardest we have all laughed at any point of the show.

Everybody has varying degrees of crazy high school football coach stories, but I truly have never heard one which tops what PFT details on this week's show. I thought I had some good ones until I heard about the rogue wide receivers coach running around squeezing his dick. Now I realize I do not, in fact, have any good ones.

It was not incredibly shocking to learn this coach was fired for having a relationship with a student, but if PFT is correct, they ended up happily married with children. A true test of whether all is actually well that ends well.

We do get to water in this episode, too, if you want to dive into the bottled vs. tap debate or hear Arian describe in rather vivid detail what water bottles are best to piss in. We also welcome Frank the Tank onto the show to give a bottled water taste test/review for some different brands to see how good his palate truly is.