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The Internet Is Staunchly Divided on Whether or Not to Add Sugar to Kool-Aid

On a podcast which was supposed to be about drug use in Nazi Germany, we ended this week's Macrodosing with a 30-minute discussion about Kool-Aid and its sugar content. Apparently, Arian had not heard that Kool-Aid already contained sugar and did not require additional sugar to be added to it until we recorded. I, conversely, had never heard of people dumping sugar into Kool-Aid.

Now, in this discussion, we found there is apparently some variant of Kool-Aid which comes without sugar. I don't know why anyone would buy that and create the extra step of adding the sugar in themselves, but it does seem to exist.

So that could be where part of the disconnect is coming from. But since we posted a poll, it appears each side has never heard of the other. It's honestly wild that half of us have been living an entire life not knowing that people put extra sugar in their Kool-Aid and vice versa.

In the end, it appears there really is no right or wrong here. Some people may have the mix that already contains sugar and some may not. And there is no doubt that even if you're adding sugar to Kool-Aid that already has some in it, that's definitely going to taste way better. It's just a step I had never heard of before.

Anyway, as I said, the rest of this episode is about the Nazis loading up their military with meth during World War II and Hitler's personal doctor putting him on an unfathomably long list of drugs. So check that out.