Billie Eilish Stunned the World With Her New British Vogue Cover

WOW. A new era of Billie Eilish has officially arrived. She recently announced her next album will be coming out July 30th, she released a new music video with a goddamn snake wrapped around her neck, and now this incredible British Vogue cover story and interview. You can feel her confidence through these pictures. The blonde Billie era is HERE and WORKING. We are all used to seeing Billie in more oversized and baggy looks, but she talked a lot in this interview about how no matter what someone wears, whether they show skin or don’t show skin, it DOESN’T MATTER. It doesn’t make someone a “whore” or a “slut” if they do show skin, and it doesn’t mean anything if they don’t. This was one of her exact quotes...

YES BILLIE. “Me & all the girls are hoes” will be an Instagram caption used around the world. I love Billie Eilish and I’m pretty sure everyone else in the world does too. If you don’t, then fuck you.

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