Eddie George Explains What It Was Like To Be the First Ever Madden Cover Athlete

On today's Pardon My Take... EDDIE GEORGE! The College Football Hall of Famer joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter about hiss new coaching gig at Tennessee State, what it was like to win (and break) the Heisman Trophy, being in the doghouse, Jeff Fisher, and much more. Eddie George also has another great career accomplishment: being the first cover athlete of Madden. He explained what that meant to him on today's show:

Mr. Cat: If someone was to say "Eddie George..." and then the first line after would be the thing you're most proud of in your career. I have an answer for it, that should be your answer, but I want to know your answer first. 

Eddie George: Oh my god... to be a wonderful father and husband.

Mr. Cat: No, you can't do that. Is it the Heisman, is it for the four Pro Bowls? AFC Champion? What would be the first thing?

Eddie George: I would say the Heisman. That trophy is probably the most prestigious award that you can win, I believe in all of sports, because you have four years to try to get it done. It takes one special year to do it. And the competition is so think, and it's a team award, really, because you have to be on the right team at the right time and have the right moments to attain it. And there have been some awesome, awesome players, College Football Hall of Famers, as well as NFL Hall of Famers, that that trophy has eluded. You know, look at Eric Dickerson, you know, he should have probably won it when he was at SMU. Marshall Faulk, you could say the same thing, but I was fortunate to win it, so yeah, I would definitely say the Heisman. Curious to hear your [thought]...

Mr. Cat: Yeah, so that's incorrect. The answer should be, and this is going to be schooling some of our younger audience right now, but the answer should be the first cover athlete on Madden all-time, because that is iconic. And I think people are like, "Wait, no way was... yes." In the 90s, the cover of Madden was always Madden himself, and you were the very first player to be on the cover of Madden and I remember that game so vividly, and seeing the first player on it. So, I think that should be the answer. That's something that people should bring up more often, now we're what, year 20 of having athletes on the cover. But you were number one. There's only one number one and you were it. 

Eddie George: Yes. And you know what? I never thought of that as an accomplishment. But now that you mention it, you're absolutely correct. That is an iconic game, which I still play to this very day. My sons do it. We go back to that first game that I was on. I mean, everybody looks the exact same. Running back look like linemen. Linemen look like corners, and everybody moves the same. The graphics are like... now you have this 3D world, so virtual, cylindrical. It's amazing to look at the graphics. It looks so real. But you look at that game, it's like, "That's a video game."

Mr. Cat: No, I really do believe it. That's something that, you know, there's been, what? 100 Heisman winners. There's only one guy who was the first athlete on one of the best sports video games ever. 

You've got to love Eddie George and respect all of the career accomplishments he has made. Imagine making so much of an impact on the sports of football that being he FIRST cover athlete of Madden isn't even on your initial thoughts when it comes to career accomplishments? Very cool guy.