We Played Torrey Pines From 7,800 Yards And I Almost Cried

Torrey Pines! South Course! Tiger Woods!  US Open on a Broken leg! And now, it can add Almost Brought Trent To Tears to its list of illustrious accomplishments. We played Torrey Pines from 7,800 yards and it might be the hardest golf course I've ever played. We filmed the whole thing and the video will be coming out around US Open time but holy shit. I'm simply not built for a course like that. My game is not ready to take on that type of test. The rest of the guys in the group played decent and they are (despite what the Handicap Police say) pretty good golfers. But they for sure struggled as well so I was fucked as soon as we stepped up to the first tee. It was beautiful, though. San Diego is perfect and I don't really understand why we all don't just move there.

Also on today's show, me and Frankie conducted our first interview with hockey legend Bryan Trottier. He's a legendary Islander so Frankie was fucking pumped and it went great. He talked about what it's like to be a guy who has seven (7) Stanley Cups as a player and coach, playing in the Gretzky era, going to Borrelli's back in the day and a whole lot more. He was great.


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