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The One Thing You Can't Ever Do Is Doubt Tiger Woods

We are live from San Francisco! Today's podcast was recorded on the patio overlooking Olympic Club and it was spectacular. We played there yesterday during US Women's Open media day and it kicked the shit out of us. Or should I say it kicked the shit outta me. Video coming. But it was a blast and that place is stunningly beautiful. 

The big thing that happened between this episode and the last episode we recorded was that Tiger Woods unveiled himself for the first time since his car accident in February. Our main takeaways? The crutches? No. The leg brace? No. The way he's jacked like Captain America and looks like he'll eventually be ready to win majors again? You got it. The guy looked GREAT. He looks like he's been pumping iron and thankfully it looks like only one leg was damaged in the crash. The consensus we came to on the show is that now we're just back to pre-2019 Masters when nobody thought he'd ever win another major again. We now have the entire hill to climb and it's full of h8ers and doubters of Tiger Woods. But you know what we've all learned since Tiger burst onto the scene as a youngster? It's that you can never doubt the man. He is far and away the most mentally strong person we've ever seen in sports so imagine right no being on the side of history saying, "He's too old now. The car crash ended his career. He'll never win again"? Not me. Not ever. I will never doubt Tiger Woods and, if you make that mistake again this time around, then shame on you.

We also talk about the ending of the Zurich Classic, a member at a Olympic wanders onto the show and talks about how awesome it s and we breakdown who we think is going to win in the Dave Portnoy vs Lefty Brooks Koepka match. Enjoy!




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