Demi Burnett Calls Out Reality Steve after He Claims He's "Changed" How He Speaks about Women

A lot going on this week with Bachelor Nation insider Reality Steve. If you don't know...this guy has been around forever and his whole business is posting the spoilers for the seasons. He has turned that into a podcast and being the go to person for bachelor news. Chatty Broads, a podcast hosted by Bekah Martinez, spoke about Steve recently. They specifically focused on the vile way he spoke about contestants on the show and exposed very personal information about them in his blogs. That led to Steve posting this tweet thread:

Demi Burnett, one of the stars from Colton's season, then reposted it sharing her own story about Steve. Colton's season premiered January 2019 so Demi has really only been a part of bachelor nation for two years. So her story about Steve has happened in the last two years. Some creeeeeeepy shit. No one wants an older guy calling you up to tell you about the sex dream he had about you. It's uncomfortable and a weird sexual advance that clearly Demi did not want. It takes a lot for a woman to speak out, especially when the person they're talking about is in a position of power. This is a guy that outed her sexuality before she could even tell her family. The whole thing is just very gross.

We love Demi and support her always, it takes a lot of courage to speak out. 

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