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The Guy Who Played Happy Gilmore's Caddy Is Now A Professor Of Psychiatry At Stony Brook Who Studies Brains

GREAT show today. Probably our weirdest show to date but it was great. We had on Dr. Jared Van Snellenberg AKA the guy who played Happy Gilmore's caddy AKA the guy who has been all over social media recently because he looked like Will Zalatoris as a younger man. We talked all the normal things regarding Happy Gilmore as you would imagine but then it turns out Dr. Van Snellenberg studies BRAINS at Stony Brook and thats when things went off the rails. We lobbed every question we've ever had about brains at him and he answered them all and it was AWESOME. He was a real treat to have on the show. He was unlike any guest we've ever had and we couldn't get enough. HIGHLY recommend giving it a listen, and feel free to be high when you do. Thanks again to Dr. Jared Van Snellenberg for coming on. Before the interview we talk about the new Player Impact Program and who we think should be in the running for the 40 million dollar pool. Super fun show.



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