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No Matter Which Team You Root For, Every Baseball Season Is Full Of Smiles And Cries

I'm not sure who has to hear this, but based on my timeline from last night, there are plenty of Mets fans ready to jump off of the nearest bridge and into the nearest river because the Mets got swept in a place they simply refuse to win these days. Or at the very least cuncel da saeson despite their team being in FIRST PLACE.

I get that this season has been an absolute shitshow because half the Mets games were postponed at one point and the team simply refuses to hit with runners in scoring position. If you want to know how us four idiots on We Gotta Believe are handling things, look no further to yesterday's podcast where I turned into an unlocked video game character before we did a deep dive into the Inspector Gadget Universe.

Yup, that is classic broken brain syndrome right there

But no matter who the owner may be, there is one inalienable rule to baseball and that's that there are highs and lows to every season which is full of smiles and cries. Lt. Hoyt may have been high off his ass on PCP when he said that phrase in a fictional movie, but it's still the truth and bears out no more in life than in a 162 game baseball season. Sweet, beautiful Carl was freaking out about the Cubs that just beat the Mets every way possible before this series from hell started. Now he's riding high and waiting for the weather to heat up the Cubbies bats because it will inevitably happen. 

No matter how good or bad a team is you can almost always pencil in 70 wins and 70 losses. Those extra 22 are what determines the cream of the crop. This week was a perfect example of that. Our starting pitching was pumping on all cylinders and the team was cruising to back-to-back series wins only to run into the down-on-their-luck Cubs who promptly handed our asses to us. That's baseball Suzyn, you can only hope that the losses are few and far between.

So what I'm asking you guys to do during yet another rollercoaster season is to grab an ice cold Coors Light with the Blue Mountains activated (if you are 21+) and chill the fuck out. We will have plenty of times where we celebrate responsibly after Ws just like there will be times that we have to eat a shit sandwich.

This team is winning 96 games this year. There are times it'll feel like they are losing 96 too. But nobody truly believes that will happen other than Frank The Tank, who I think just may be enjoying these Mets losses at this point because he's a sick son of a bitch. 

No matter what happens in Jake's start tonight, which let's be honest will likely infuriate us to no end, there will be a game that hits from the polar opposite side of the baseball spectrum. Smiles and cries, which is perfectly balanced as all things should be (How's that for tying in two absolute classics?).