Dean Norris Reveals Who He Played The Most Golf With In The 'Breaking Bad' Cast

Dean Norris! Hank Schrader! Holy shit! He was on today's podcast and he was fantastic. He's exactly who you expect him to be AND he loves golf. In fact he was just about to go play after we interviewed him. It was an absolute pleasure talking to a guy who played a huge role in one of the greatest TV shows of all time. There were times throughout the interview where I would think to myself, "Holy shit, that's Hank Schrader". Probably not the best way to interview somebody but I'm not exactly Charlie Rose. He talked about Breaking Bad, how the show kickstarted the Binge Era, where he's at with his golf game AND who he played the most golf with in the Breaking Bad cast. 

He was great. Before the interview we talk about Stewart Cink's win, how golf is going through a hoodie revolution, Frankie's 76 and my upcoming Breaking 100 series. Fun one.



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