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I love a happy ending.

Especially ones that don't involve a confused masseuse being offered an extra $25 to stick his/her finger up your ass.

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Just recorded the latest episode of Twisted History… This week my co-host is the equally-old Jerry Thornton and the topic is SURVIVORS… People who were thrown into the worst situations but managed to make it through. 

We covered survivors once before and highlighted some bigger stories, like the shark attacks that happened after the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by those pesky Japanese during World War II. This week, however, we concentrated more on individuals… 5 individuals, to be more precise. 

There was a Yugoslavian stewardess who was the sole survivor of a midair explosion… She holds the Guinness World Record for surviving the longest drop without a parachute (33,330 feet).

Then there was a South American drunk called “Piggy” who also holds a record… The longest time spent adrift on the ocean (438 days) after his fishing boat was tossed off course during a storm off the coast of Mexico. 

We also speak of the second Indigenous women to trek to the west coast… However, since she did it after Sacajawea, nobody knows her name (except me). But her trip contained adversities more fucked up than anything Lewis & Clark had to overcome, so I tell her story. 

Then there’s Ada Blackjack, an Inuit woman who survived a year alone on a frozen island 100 miles north from the coldest coast of Siberia. 

And then finally I tell a story that I remember from childhood that I cant attach a cheesecake GIF to… In 1978, a 15-year-old girl named Mary Vincent was abducted while hitchhiking by a sick fuck named Lawrence Singleton. 

Apologies for the gory details, but Singleton 

  1. beat her with a sledgehammer 
  2. raped her repeatedly
  3. chopped off both her arms from the elbow down with a hatchet
  4. and then threw what he thought was her lifeless body off of a 30-foot cliff 

Since it is the Twisted History of Survivors, I am sure you can surmise that Mary somehow survived the whole ordeal, but there was a shitload of legislation that was adopted as a result of what she went through. 

Heady topics for a podcast that is wedged between smoke show blogs, but I think the stories are interesting enough for a car ride home and I gotta keep the public abreast of airborne Slavic flight attendants and hatchet yielding rapists, so give it a listen. 

Take a report. 


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