Do We Think Tiger Told Justin Thomas All The Details Of What Happened During His Crash?

So we got into a HEATED debate on today's episode about whether or not we think Tiger Woods has told anyone about what exactly happened during his car accident, specifically Justin Thomas. I'm not even saying that there are salacious details regarding the crash that he would tell JT, I'm just wondering if he told him more than the public knows via the LA County Sheriff. I think he did. I think he told him much more information than is available to use regular people. Tiger and JT seem like legitimately good pals and, if he was gonna tell anyone any details about what happened, it's Justin Thomas. They've clearly been in contact quite a bit since the accident and you have to imagine the crash has come up. All I'm saying is IF there is more information about the crash, Tiger told JT because that's what friends do. Riggs very much disagreed.

We also gave our picks for the Masters, talked about our prison hypothetical that is now two years old and, once again, tried to talk through how we actually feel about that lunatic Bryson DeChambeau. Enjoy!