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A Guy Has Come Forward And Admitted To Sneaking Onto Augusta National At Night And Stealing The Pin Flag From The 13th Hole

Masters week baby! We thought it would only be fitting to bring back Behind The Greens (the podcast) and have people call in to tell their Masters stories. We left it general on purpose to get as many different types of stories as we could and boyyyyyyyyyyy did we ever. We had people calling in talking about how they were so close to Tiger Woods at the Masters they were able to smell him. We had people calling in saying they bawled their eyes out when they won tickets. We had people calling in talking about how they've been to the Masters 50+ times. It was really awesome. It was a Masters extravaganza that ended up being 3.5 hours long. And then we also had three (3!!!) separate people call in and admit to sneaking onto the ground of Augusta National in the middle of the night. We couldn't believe what we were hearing but it was fascinating. 

One guy admitted to sneaking onto Augusta at night and stealing the pin flag off the 13th hole 

We were stunned. STUNNED. Stunned and uncomfortable but we just let him keep talking and he walked us through the whole thing. It was incredible. Every one of us has had the thought of, "Why don't we just sneak onto Augusta and walk around for a little bit? Not mess anything up, just wander around the greatest patch of grass earth has to offer" but none of us would ever have the balls to actually do it. Well we had 3 people on today's podcast who did in fact have the balls to do it.

If you wanna get even more pumped up for the Masters than you already are, this is the podcast to listen to. It has everything. Before we got to the callers we talked all about Jordan Spieth's win and everything else going on in the golf world. Great show. Long show. Great show. Enjoy.