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Did We Get Confirmation That John Wick And His Daughter Exist In The MCU?

Okay, not to go all WandaVision Reddit board on you guys, but how do you explain this performance out of Sharon Carter?

I don't care who your great aunt was, what type of S.H.I.E.L.D. training you have or how long you had to survive in the grimy underbelly of Madripoor using your instincts and fists. Holding off and kicking the everliving shit out of a nonstop wave of bounty hunters with a comical amount of ease is above Agent Carter's pay grade thus far in the MCU. Unless Cap filled Peggy Carter with his superserum in the current MCU multiverse that somehow led to Sharon becoming a bounty hunter hunting badass, I am quite simply going to believe that Disney decided to open their wallets during the pandemic and sign the hottest free agent in the movie content game by acquiring John Wick along with any other Wicks he may have procreated when he wasn't taking lives off of the Earth.

Wait, what was that?

Oh, I guess that makes perfect sense as well as a lot more sense than Sharon Carter actually being Sharon Wick or Sharon Rogers. Whatever. Robbie and I had a ton of fun talking about last week's The Falcon And The Winter Soldier episode on My Mom's Basement. 

If listening to podcasts isn't your thing and you want to see the handsome faces of the two fine lads on the pod, check out the YouTube video:

Bob Fox, a fan of not only a villain but a Cap villain?!?