You Should Be Suspended From Life if You Plan April Fools Day Jokes Days in Advance

So yesterday was obviously April Fools Day and the pranksters of the earth thought they could get one by everyone. The most popular one being talked about is Michael Strahan's gap tooth. He planted this days in advance saying he closed the gap and then BAM, April Fools day comes around and he lets everyone know HAHA big funny joke! 

To me, that is cheating at April Fools. If you are telling people days in advance about a joke or a prank then that's just a prank, that isn't April Fools. April Fools jokes should have to be made on that day and that day only or else you get suspended from life.

To be honest I think April Fools Day should just be over in general. Nobody is coming up with creative pranks anymore and the same ol "I'm pregnant!" isn't gonna cut it.

April Fools Day sucks.

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