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Pasta Explains The 'Tom Wilson Is The Best Goal Scorer In The League' Tweet

On this week Spittin' Chiclets, Bruins superstar David Pastrnak joined us for the second time. We were all curious about this Tweet from July 28, 2020...

Pasta gave us the simple explanation: he lost a friendly wager with the bruising Capitals forward. He also confirmed that his pre-game meal is...pasta.

“It’s actually the only thing I eat. I skip breakfast usually on optional skates so I’m perfectly hungry for lunch. Spaghetti and meat sauce man.”

We were also joined by 17-year pro Martin St. Pierre who talked about his global adventures and the hell of KHL time zones.

“The travel, that was ridiculous, definitely took a few years off my life for sure. I want to say it was about a 10-12 hour flight to Moscow. So basically leaving Shanghai we would fly the day before, 12 hours, lose 6 hours of time difference and then we would play 2 and 4 or 3 and 6 and literally fly back 12 hours. So basically our day off in Shanghai was the day that we landed at 8 O’Clock in the morning.”

In addition to Pastrnak and St. Pierre, we also talked some golf, soccer, Patty Marleau, Canucks, and animals.