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How Can Rickie Fowler Start Winning Again Immediately? Change His Name To Rick

So on today's podcast we had a lengthy conversation about Rickie Fowler. We've talked a lot about Rickie over the course of the show's history and it's never been in the most positive light. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been purposely negative or anything like that. We simply talk about Rickie Fowler in a factual sense when it comes to his golf career and it's never the most stellar news (especially when you compare it with some of his closest peers). Yes, he won The Players in 2015, and that was a massive accomplishment, but it did in fact happen in 2015 and I was still in my mid-20s at that time. I'm now a 32 year old person and Rickie Fowler has yet to come close to matching his greatest win. 

However, we came up with a solution on today's show and it's a relatively easy one: Rickie Fowler simply needs to change his name to Rick. He could also use a wardrobe change so he doesn't look like a highlighter on Sunday, but let's start small. Start going by Rick Fowler. See how it feels. See if he doesn't feel a lot more confident over a ball knowing his name is Rick. Rickie is the name you call your 8 year old nephew. Rick is the name of a grown man who wins golf tournaments and stomps on your throat as he does so. Sure, things are fine for Rickie right now. He's crazy popular, he's rich, he's happily married, he's got all the sponsorships he could ever ask for. But is that enough? Doesn't he want to be known as a winner too? Well then he needs to become Slick Rick Fowler and the wins will follow. Guaranteed.