If You Had To Guess, How Many Years Do You Think The Roman Empire Lasted?

This was a question we asked ourselves on today's episode of Fore Play. We hear about the Roman Empire all the time, but do any of us really know how long it lasted? 100 years? 20 years? 50 years? 5,000 years? Take a guess without looking it up. And if you already knew the answer because you're a smart person who knows things, congrats. Before that we talked about Tiger Woods returning home from the hospital after his accident AND the other big news that Tiger has signed a multiyear deal to work with 2K on their golf video game. Anybody who knows or has played Tiger Woods video games in the past knows how big of a deal that is. Bottom line is it's about to be a very exciting time for golf video games and the people who play them.

We also had country singer Chris Brandi on today for about 45 minutes and he was awesome. He's a big golfer who discovered the game pretty recently so we talked about that and we dove into what it's been like for musicians during the pandemic and what he thinks the future holds as things start to open up. Oh and he has a fantastic story about John Daly that perfectly encapsulates Mr. Daly.


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