Chris Jericho Came to Tupelo and Learned Eddie Guerrero was No Elvis Fan

Checked off another bucket list interview today on Rasslin’, an all-time great Chris Jericho spent 30 minutes talking with us about AEW, the wrestling world of today, entrance music and more.

The big highlight was a story Jericho shared about doing a late 90’s WCW house show in Tupelo, Mississippi. He, the incredible Eddie Guerrero and others decided to stop and see the birthplace of Elvis Aaron Presley, the most famous Mississippian ever until I came along. 

Located a half-mile from the arena, the birthplace is one of many notable places in Tupelo, joining the Wal-Mart on West Main Street and the famous offices where I hosted my gambling shows for another company. 

Apparently, the trip to Elvis’s homestead wasn’t quite what Eddie was looking for, as Jericho and the other wrestlers found him pissing beside the house. Upon getting caught, Eddie said “Forget Elvis. Who did he ever beat?”

Fuck I love pro wrestlers.