Is the Earth a Flat Disc Surrounded by an Ice Wall?

We're back with Episode 2 of Macrodosing and this week, we take a deep dive into everything you could ever want to know about people who believe the Earth is flat. Billy put together a 2,000+ word research sheet and we covered all of it.

Any question you have about Flat Earthers is likely one we had also and discussed on this week's episode. If the Earth is flat, why has nobody ever found the edge? How do these theorists explain away gravity? We get into that and plenty more — mushrooms, blimps, the UFO spotted by an American Airlines pilot and the penis on the Little Mermaid cover just to name a few — over the course of two hours.

And while Smart Billy definitely made his appearances throughout the show, he also pulled out a new theory he's been working on that the concept of anything being flat is actually impossible. So while at least we know he's not a Flat Earther, we also know he has some theories that we need to shut down.

But if you want to learn about the impenetrable ice wall that surrounds the flat Earth that nobody has ever been able to prove because it's guarded by the military of a world government, this is the episode for you. Please be sure to download, like, subscribe and review.