Does Hydra Just Employ The Worst Scientists Of All Time Or What?

Something I laughed at in real-time while watching WandaVision this week (and then again on my rewatches) was the pure idiocy and incompetence outta Hydra's science division. Not too different from your typical overzealous/arrogant criminal organizations in comic book stories, I suppose, but it was such a tiny little perfect detail that cracked me up.

When we finally get our first look at the Mind Stone giving Wanda her powers (or, as this episode retcons, amplifying her powers), we realize that these two idiots….

….literally just phoned Wanda and said, "Eh, I don't know, how about you try touching it? See what happens."

They didn't meticulously torture her with Loki's staff, giving her the powers of their choosing, having figured out the magic behind the stone at all. They were literally just sending orphan after orphan out into a lab to touch that fuckin thing….and all of em except Wanda (and I assume Pietro) died! I guess it shouldn't be THAT surprising though, considering….

Hydra: attempts to make captain america

Yep, nailed it!

Thank the fucking lord we don't live in the multiverse where Hydra is in charge of the corona vaccines. People would be growin arms outta their heads by now.

Our back and forth about this and the hypothetical "Infinity Stone" episode of Lowering The Bar in My Mom's Basement this week cracked me up, and if you're as nerdy as us and find that shit funny too, I think you'd enjoy the rest of the pod as well….