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Is It Really That Weird To Wear Sunglasses While At The Dentist?

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First of all, could they have found a prettier woman for the stock image of 'Dentist' that I used in this blog? Good goly. Any who, the big news of the week in Yankee world is that Aaron Judge fixed his teeth and no longer has his infamous gap. Guy is a rocket ship.

He looks incredible and anyone who is actually mad about this is a loser. Coincidentally myself and Marty Mush recently got our teeth fixed as well. Just a whole different way of living when you don't wanna kill yourself when you smile. On today's Short Porch we talked about teeth and the dentist for a bit. I dropped a truth bomb on everyone that I like to wear sunglasses whenever I'm in the dentist chair. I have an aversion to light and prefer to operate in darkness. My blackout curtains in my room in my apartment refuse to allow a ray of sunlight in. When I wake up every morning it might as well be midnight. The brightness on my phone is usually as low as can be along with my laptop. When I don't have to deal with brightness I choose to avoid it all cost. 

When I brought up the sunglasses thing I was laughed at. Ridiculed. For what? Saving my eyes? You know how terrible dentist lights are? They shine that sucker over your eyes when they're going to work on you and it's migraine city. I fucking hate it and when I put on my sunglasses (Ray-Bans I know sick right?) that inconvenience goes away. Shame on me for making myself feel more comfortable. Around the 6:15 mark of the video below is when we get into it. 

God forbid Marty Mush and Tommy Smokes think something is weird. The horror! Tommy is afraid to drive on highways for Christ's sake and Mush? Well, do I dare say more? Whether they think it's cool or not, what does it matter if a dentist and his assistant think it's weird? If it makes me feel better than all the power to me. Maybe I just saved someone's eyes by bringing this idea to the forefront. You are welcome. 

Full episode from today's show is here