Pitchers, Catchers, And Podcasters Report (With Special Guest Darren From The 7 Line)

It's been a long, wild, strange, and occasionally fucked up offseason, but it's almost over! With Spring Training approaching at full speed, we discuss how we feel about the Mets now that the roster is almost complete (before Taijuan Walker signed this morning). Fangraphs loves the shit out of us again but they loved us last year and we remember how that ended up. Uncle Stevie bought a fixer upper of a franchise with some real trouble spots but a few absolutely priceless commodities as well as the money pit known as Bobby Bonilla Day, which we are officially taking back.

We then bring on Darren from The 7 Line for his always optimistic wins projection, the impact of the 2020 season on business, and what he thinks it will be like dealing with Uncle Stevie moving forward.