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Behind The Scenes Of Rico Bosco's Super Bowl Livestream Victory

Rico Bosco joins Barstool Chicago this week on our flagship podcast Red Line Radio to go behind the scenes of his thrilling victory over a loaded roster for $50,000. It's a little awkward considering he beat our guys WSD and Eddie to secure the win but much more important to remember that Rico is practically family to Barstool Chicago. There's never really a doubt about that so let me repeat: we're all very happy for Rico. Couldn't ask for a better man to win such a large package. 

Lost in the shuffle with Rico sometimes though is that he's a bonafide college basketball expert. Maybe not the pro sharp he describes on this week's show, but about halfway through the interview WSD has a moment where he realizes we're really tapping into some expertise: 

You know your fuckin shit Rico - White Sox Dave

Specifically on the docket (after Super Bowl recap) is a ton of in-depth college bball insight. Like how Loyola-Chicago matches up with Drake this weekend and what that means for the Valley. Speaking of Missouri we get into how they'd fare as a Big Ten squad, and how to size up March Madness futures. Is there value outside the top-10? Why is Illinois priced the same as Iowa and Wisconsin? A lot of shit we don't normally get into on Red Line because it's not our sweetspot - we're there heavy with Rico for the first half of the show and I wouldn't recommend it like this if it wasn't great stuff. 

Elsewhere we break down the Carson Wentz rumors. It's the first time the 4 of us have been together since the rumors really picked up steam and I think we're all on the same page that it would take varying degrees of warming up for us to remotely entertain the idea. There's some hate but we're not out as a group. Not with the Bears' track record of completely fucking up quarterback development and investment. At the same time we're smart enough to know how fast the league can change. Maybe Wentz is due for a rebound but also maybe there's an NFC South quarterback that Eddie still really likes. If we're being honest the whole saga continues to suck the life out of me, and that's before we even get to Chicago baseball. 

My eggs are entirely in one basket called everyone on the Cubs is playing for a new contract. Maybe they all come out and have career years? At least PECOTA thinks so while projecting 2 more wins up north than down south in Chicago this season. How we get to that point - I have absolutely no idea when you look at the Cubs rotation. But as we're learning with the Bulls and Hawks, there's plenty of room for 2021 surprise seasons in Chicago. We may be a broken miserable bunch, but they still have to go out and play the games. Maybe things aren't that bad? 

Tune in this week to figure it out with us. We could use some company on this roller coaster. 

You can listen here: 




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