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Buffalo Sabre Jack Eichel Still Works With NHL Jedi Master Adam Oates On Perfecting His Game

We were fortunate to snag Buffalo's franchise center Jack Eichel for today's Spittin' Chiclets. He's in the middle of a brief training camp but still made ample time for us. The Sabres captain let us know that he still works with HHOFer and puck savant Adam Oates to refine parts of his game that Oates is seemingly the only one to notice.

"Working with Oatesy's been huge. He's so good at finding the smallest little details in your game that he thinks you can improve on. The track record with him and players is huge around the league."

“I’m willing to work on anything that he brings forward...he always has probable cause, he always explains why we’re doing something."

"He watches the best players in the world do things and watches their habits and tries to teach peoples' habits. He's very, very good at looking at very, very fine details in a game."

He also talked about new linemate Taylor Hall...

"A guy like Hallsey, he’s so dynamic and so fast. You kind of have to get used to that speed. He’s somebody who you can just put a puck to an area and he’s gonna beat a guy and make a dynamic play. He’s somebody that can create so much on his own. I think it’ll be great for the two of us.”

And speaking out about his frustration…

“I definitely expressed my frustration with where we were and where we’re going. With that being said, I think the organization made a lot of good moves this summer. Having a coach [Ralph Krueger] like that, having a guy like that is huge. I think you voice your frustrations, but I don’t think I was the only guy that was frustrated either, you know what I mean? I’m sure my comments hold some more weight, I am the captain of the team and I understand that, but I’m not the only guy that was frustrated. I think everyone was frustrated in their own way. Everyone wants to win. We’re competitors.”

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