I'm not trying to start a holy war here but the Bears are squeaking into the playoffs whether you like it or not at 8-8. So let's start there. After 17 nauseating weeks to close the worst year in recent human history, we've managed to navigate ourselves into the top half of the league for postseason play. It's the 6th time in my conscious life of giving a fuck about this stuff that the Bears will be in the playoffs. 6th time. SIXTH.

If I celebrated more successful franchises, maybe I'd be more inclined to sit into a big armchair and swill a lowball of bourbon while pontificating the merits of a more qualified leadership group. But the reality is I sat through those John Quinn and Craig Krenzel years all the same as you guys. Just as I've enjoyed the same, lone, single playoff win over the last 15 years. For a guy and fanbase that never gets figuratively laid, it should be pretty easy to climb in bed with an 8-8 squad going down to New Orleans next Saturday. I may be in the minority but that's a big deal to me. 

So that's where this week's podcast starts. Trying to squeeze some positivity out of what I found to be a hard fought game against a team that beat the Titans by 4 touchdowns last week. That a must-win game against the best team in the NFC and sure fire MVP went down to a couple minutes left and a 4th and 1. That we had several Red Zone field goals and battled our assess off in the 2nd half without Roquan in the middle of the D. Rodgers scored all 3 times he touched the ball in the 1st half and it still came down end of the game 4th quarter. 

There's dropped INT's on both sides. There's injuries and tough running backs and blah blah blah. It was a near-must win game for the both teams and we fucking lost. Straight up lost to our rivals and didn't have enough to beat them 

But we did enough to get to the end of the season party. Even after losing 6 games in a row and becoming just the 3rd team to make the playoffs with that on their resume. We've battled. We've grinded. We've taken advantage of the schedule when it's been easy and now in the words of Tom Brady, the greatest to ever play this game, the real season starts now. 

A lot of people at this company put a lot of stock into what Tom Brady thinks. His opinion carries weight is what I mean. And if he says a new season starts now, then I have no choice to agree. 

We're 0-0 and on to New Orleans. If you need me I'll be watching tape.