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PMT 12-9: Russell Wilson, Week 13 Finally Concludes, CFB, And Billy vs Jake Paul

We start the show cleaning up the MNF and TNF games. The WFT are a good football team and take down the 11-0 Steelers. Josh Allen is incredible, again. The Ravens get back on track and Gregg Williams gets fired. We break down the CFB news that Michigan has cancelled the Big Game and Big Cat explains why Big Ten fans rooting against Ohio State are morons. Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Duke, Scott Satterfield and PFT's new gym. Seahawks QB Russell joins the show to talk about the Seahawks season, His Super Bowl win and loss, Pete Caroll's twin brother, and being Unlimited. We finish the show with a little Wednesday Reading, Billy's new website FitePaul.com.