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Week 11 Review + Firings, The Heisman And A Fat Squirrel

So we recorded this episode yesterday morning (while watching The Masters) and it was a wild ride. 

Between golf talk, Heisman race ranks, Notre Dame banter and much more, Brandon got SUPER distracted because of this squirrel: 


Also - we talk about who is going to get fired and well, well, well it happened later in the day. That's what we call Big J.

See you guys on Thursday! 


On today's episode: 

-We break down all that happened in week 11! 

-Contemplate how impressive Notre Dame's win was. 

-Is Kyle Trask the Heisman front runner? 

-Who isn't in the Heisman race, but should be 

-Big name coaches that will be fired very, very soon (we think). 

-Is Dustin Johnson hot? + The Masters! 

-Just expand the playoff to 8 teams already, damnit

 -A fat squirrel catches the eye of Brandon 

-Winners & losers of the weekend. Plus the shit list 

-Hot takes from the Roughnecks!