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Week 10 Review: Brandon Takes One (1) Victory Lap

Well, we got the game of the year on Saturday night and boy was Brandon happy when we recorded. 

We talk about the big time matchup between Clemson/Notre Dame, Georgia/Florida, what the fuck is going on in the Big Ten, our projections for the CFP spots, coaching carousel (UH HELLO, HUGH FREEZE?!) and much, much more. 

We also have another "how to say it"-off. It was a doozy. 

See you guys on Thursday! 


0:00: Intro 

6:43: Notre Dame - Clemson 

31:09: Georgia - Florida 

39:51: Big Ten 

48:05: BYU & Cincy

53:23: Coaching carousel incoming! 

1:11:33: The BeCAUSE list & the 10 teams still in contention for the CFP 

1:18:43: Winners, losers, and SHIT LIST 

1:26:24: SPICY hot takes from the Roughnecks!