EMERGENCY We Gotta Believe: Steve Cohen Officially Acquires The Mets, Brodie Van Wagenen Has Been Fired, And The Hot Stove Has Been Lit

The Cohen deal is finally official and no less than 2 hours later Uncle Stevie had himself a Red Wedding. No one in baseball ops was left standing. Brodie and his brain trust of Baird, Guttridge and Banner were all sent packing along with our sweet Omar Minaya. In one fell swoop, Sandy and Stevie let the entire baseball world know that they're here and they mean business. 

We breakdown who could be filling the roles, what moves we hope for in free agency, how Uncle Stevie is changing the culture and involving fans and our big ideas for the future. Baseball is truly fun for the first time in our Mets lives and we're like kids on Christmas. No name too big and no ideas too expensive or outlandish. We have finally reached Cohen's Kingdom and the opportunities are endless! This offseason will be one for the record books and we gotta believe when we take the field in 2021 that everyone will be wishing they were the New York Mets.

Like we mentioned in the pod, we are going to be growing the new We Gotta Believe Facebook Group since Zuckerberg is pumping a bunch of money and resources into it essentially becoming a Reddit type of meet up kind of place for people. Since the OG Metsblog is no longer around (RIP In Peace), that group will essentially be function as the We Gotta Believe version of it in addition to everything on the blog, podcast, Twitter, and Instagram. We want to have everyone discussing the moves they want to see both on the field and off now that we have the biggest swinging dick in baseball signing the checks. So join the group now and let's start dreaming the dreams that fans of big market baseball teams should always be dreaming!

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