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For anybody that somehow missed the glorious news earlier today:

The day we have all been waiting for- UNCLE STEVIE IS HERE. Gaining 26 votes on his way to victory, Steven A. Cohen becomes the official owner of the New York Mets! 

You may be thinking to yourselves, but what about that baby back bitch Bill de Blasio? Don't we have to wait for him to make it official? NOPE! Because Backtrackin' Bill followed suit exactly 3 minutes and a $17.5 million dollar donation later. We are locked in, ready to go and could not be happier. 

KFC jumped on live radio with me so we could take calls from you, the fans, because it's only fitting that we all share this moment together. Big things are coming and we're already buzzing with what the future will hold. If Cohen's initial statement is any indication, we gotta believe that this will be the first of many celebrations this offseason.

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We gotta believe.