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CFB Week 7 Preview: Our Highest Stakes Ever?

Ohhhh boy, here we go.

In case you missed it, last year's A&M/Mississippi State outcome did NOT go well for Brandon Walker. 

And history tends to repeat itself. 

Dan and Dave have officially placed a bet for us (and our weekend in Starkville) and I'll tell ya, I am NOT looking forward to it. Tune in to hear the shit show. 

Also in today's episode:
-Dan Mullen's comments on a full stadium + a funny Deadspin headline.
-Florida's COVID issues.
-NCAA one time transfer rule.
-Brandon reads menus from Starkville
-We learn of Nick Saban's COVID diagnosis while we are recording
-Does a certain content person like Brandon back?
-Kayce and Katie have beef?

See you after the shit show of a weekend!
(Reminder that we will be dropping Monday's episodes on SUNDAY now!)


 3:13: Our upcoming trip to Starkville! 

15:19: News from around CFB 

40:49: Previewing week 7! 

1:15:30: Stacking CASH 

1:22:10: Who the Roughnecks think will end up winning the Heisman.