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CFB Week 6 Review: Gig Em, BABY


What a weekend for the UR crew. In today's episode, we run down all the headlines from Week 6, look forward to our trip to Starkvegas this weekend, answer your questions and much more. 

We also have (more) family drama that needs hashing out. Surprise. 

See you on Thursday!
(Reminder that we will be dropping Monday's episodes on SUNDAY now!)


0:00: Intro

5:52: Trip to A&M-Mississippi State. 

8:27: SEVERAL statements from Brandon Walker. 

20:53: Texas A&M discussion. 

23:32: ACC recap. 33:50: SEC recap. 

47:40: Big 12 recap. 

1:04:41: Brandon vs. Katie? 

1:11:03: Who won and lost the weekend?! 

1:15:50: Hot takes from the Roughnecks! 

1:32:41: SHIT LIST!