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Week 5 Preview, Plus Teams We Are Buying Low And Selling High On

On today's episode, we discuss:
-Teams we are buying low on.
-The week 5 slate.
-Brandon Walker's massive dilemma on having too much hope and fear!
-Going to Miss St. vs. A&M?
-A Brandon Walker food show?
-A great non-Power 5 matchup

See you next week! 


0:00: Intro

5:29: Overview of today's podcast

11:06: Discussing the AP Top 25 and other polls

13:45: Brandon Walker's BIG dilemma.

20:58: Stacking Cash

29:47: Checking in on A&M and other teams we are buying low on.

48:12: Previewing all the week 5 games

1:09:03: The Roughnecks most overvalued and undervalued teams at this point in the season.