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Get Ready For The Best October In Chicago Sports History

Honest to goodness when have we ever been undefeated going into October with both baseball teams legitimate contenders to end up in the World Series? My brain says it has never happened, ever, which is obviously a pretty big fucking deal. This overwhelming sense of improbability is perfectly captured in this week's Bears Postgame Podcast. Only difference is we mix in some playoff preview talk there at the end. Some highlights: 

Da Bears

- Nick Foles looked pretty fucking amazing and that's coming from the President of the Mitch Trubisky Stan Club. It's one thing to make the move (admittedly quick trigger finger from Nagy) but to make that move then get a historic comeback is pretty satisfying. We're definitely not overreacting.

- Speaking of historic comebacks, that's the first time in ANY NFL SEASON EVER that a team has blow multiple 15+ point leads in the 4th quarter. Dan Quinn managed to do it in back-to-back weeks. The Bears have done it twice in three games. 

- Two of the Bears' three wins have come when a probability of losing has been north of 98%. All great teams benefit from some element of luck. Hopefully this isn't the last dosage for our Chicago Bears

- Tarik Cohen out with an apparent ACL injury about 1 week from extending him is so Chicago Bears it hurts

- Allen Robinson is a bonafide #1 with Anthony Miller emerging as a #2 even if he kinda/sorta/definitely dropped that touchdown pass. Will WSD walk his words back this week or is he still out on #17? Tune in to find out. 

- Offensive line looked like trash but if you told us it would look good 2/3 first games we'd probably still take it. 

- Where are we on the Red Line with the defense? Atlanta murdered the Bears on the ground all day but then completely abandoned it in the 4th quarter. Hopefully the comeback doesn't overshadow some work that needs to be done on the front-7. 

- Cordarrelle Patterson is going to get a lot more carries next to Montgomery and we think that's okay right now. Monty looks to be an unstoppable beast and maybe the injury to Cohen will force Nagy to give Monty twice the touches. 


- WSD previews the A's and makes some bold predictions about their starting pitching. 

- How much did the White Sox collapse actually impact their WS chances? 

- The Cubs host the Marlins and a lot of Cubs fans want to overlook the Marlins even if that would be an extremely stupid idea because the Marlins have literally never lost a playoff series. 

- I am allowed to cut my hair in 2021 despite that looking to be a real impossibility a few days ago. 

- Cubs win the division but is it that big of a deal when 16 teams make the playoffs? Answer: Yes but if the Cubs don't advance, no one will ever care. This will be a banner year for ownership and the business side, but if it doesn't end up in playoff success then nobody should really care. 

We'll have more on the playoff matchups throughout today and tomorrow. We're truly entering a golden week of playoff baseball even if it feels cheap and easy. Sex is sex. Pizza is pizza. And elimination baseball still feels good.